The Market

Visit the Dezigne Market HERE

As you may already know it is really hard to maintain and have an online shop. it needs daily attention and constant promotion. It requires a lot of effort and money to make yourself found on the internet regardless of the medium.
We decided to open the Market Place at DEZIGNE. Have your items online for a small cost. An opportunity to showcase yourself and find a new selling route.
 Like being in a big market but on the internet, you can even have your own online stall. We will constantly and daily work and promote the website so and that frees your time to do other things like being creative.
The markets will run in a cycle of 3 months

Summer Market at DEZIGNE online Shop open to anyone. 

From now and until the end of September we would love to showcase your handmade, vintage and up-cycled items. Jewellery, furniture, clothes, designer, one offs, food, unused materials, art, books, tools, etc. just ask.
You do not have to bring anything to the shop, we will sell online, you ship, we pay you.
Regardless if you sell elsewhere or have a high street shop or you are a collective this is your opportunity to place some or all your stock online.

1)    Send 1 to 3 in focus and as good as you can photos of each product. Good resolution approx 1000 pixels

2)    Name each photo and send a good description of the item in a text or word file e.g yourname-artwork 1-1.jpg, yourname-artwork 1-2.jpg, yourname-artwork 1-3.jpg, yourname-artwork 1.txt

3)    Cost: £10 per month per 30 items (eg 31-60 items add £10) and 20% commission if we sell, Pay in advance 1,2 or 3 months fee.

If you prefer your own internet stall it will cost £20 per month and 20% commission.
Just a note - We plan to reduce the % commission when sales are consistent and daily.

If you do not wish us to take any commissions the costs are £50 per month for the main market place and £80 per month to have your own internet stall - per 30 products.

If you like your own internet stall please also send us a brief description of your work and your profile with a collage of images as this will add interest to buyers and will help you sell and promote your items.

4)    Estimate the delivery cost per item and we will add this on the sale price.

5)    From payment and delivery of photos and descriptions it will take us 1-3 days to place your items online.

6)    We will do intensive marketing and there will be many social media buttons on each product for us and you to share them.

7)    We are working with 2 local photographer to offer a basic quick photo shoot for £15 per 30 items. we will keep you informed.

Share and spread the word. Looking forward to receiving your items