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Introducing our new range of Living Room , Dining Room and 'Working from Home' Furniture. Modern and Contemporary with clean, simple lines, but don’t forget to add colour and texture with accessories such as lamp shades, cushions, rugs and plants. Dezigne Store is a concept which combines an online interior design store that incorporates independent makers and designers offering a fair alternative sourcing of interiors as well as gifts and unique lifestyle products. Dezigne Store sells various interior design related objects and furniture such as a collection of modern and vintage items, old and modern cabinets, unique pieces from here and there, a vast collection of smaller decoration & home décor items from around the world and also fashion such us T-shirts, gifts, handmade jewellery, soft toys and useful supply of materials, gadgets and smart technology. We are constantly curating our product and collections to offer unique style products and ranges varying form independent makers and small production to Commercial however well researched and thought of products. In the Dezigne we look for the homemade culture and we are thinking local while cater for the global market. . This rich combination makes Dezigne Store a unique experience.

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